Follow these 3 easy steps to download and convert
videos to your favorite format:

  1. 1)Once you have navigated your browser window to the desired video, click the 'Download' button on your toolbar.
  2. 2)A "Download Video" dialogue will appear prompting you to choose which video you would like to save.
  3. 3)Click "Continue" to save the video to your computer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What is the Options menu for?
A:The Options menu allows you to choose from available formats from the underlying website. Some websites will provide more options than others. Video converter will default to the highest quality available.
Q:When would I check 'Convert For'?
A:The 'Convert For' provides several devices and specific video formats for you to choose from. If you choose the particular device you would like to view the video on and the format chosen is not compatible, video converter will convert the video for you. If you choose a specific file extension type, video converter will convert it to that file type for you.
Q:What if there are multiple videos on the page?
A:The video converter application will return the first video it discovers on the underlying website.
Q:Where are my downloaded and converted files saved?
A:Your videos will be saved to C:\Users\Your Name\Videos. You can access all videos from the video converter application itself and from the toolbar button 'My Videos'.
Q:Why does nothing happen when I click the play button on a specific video within the application?
A:Clicking the play button in the video converter application will launch your default video player on your desktop. If a particular file type is not supported by your default video player, video converter will not be able to launch the video.
Q:What happens if I try to download multiple videos at one time?
A:The video converter application will open multiple instances of itself for each individual video you are downloading.
Q:Why am I unable to download videos from a particular website?
A:The Video Download Application currently supports,, and
Q:I am on a supported website, but video converter is telling me to click on a specific video to download.
A:The video converter application looks for videos playing on the underlying page. If you are not navigated to a specific video page, the application will not be able to determine which video you are looking for.
Q:Didn't find the answer to your question?
A:Visit out Support Center, which contains a searchable knowledgebase, to help answer your questions.